Sherri Bee lives in New Zealand. She comes from a family of musicians, artists and writers. Sherri has written short stories now and then that she shared only with family. But then she decided to write some fully illustrated stories about her stepson's pet rat. These are still in process. As a child, Sherri loved reading mystery stories. She decided to write some mystery adventure stories for intermediate readers, inspired by the beauty of New Zealand's South Island. The first one, The Glint is now available on Amazon as both paperback and Kindle eBook. There are several more titles to follow! Sherri is grateful to Angela Bradley, who created the awesome cover for The Glint!

(The cat in the photo is called Aslan.)

Join Cassia, Belinda, Talia, Cam, Mish and Rick as they set out on a journey to what could turn out to be an amazing discovery! What is causing the mysterious glint on the other side of the lake? What seems like a simple idea becomes more complicated than they ever imagined!
The Glint is available as both Kindle eBook and paperbook on Amazon.
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Paperback will be available to order directly from this website for those in New Zealand and Australia soon!

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Aneska and her Kittens
Aneska and her kittens, 2014

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